Why is Immersive Learning Important for Corporate Training

Importance of Immersive Learning in Corporate Training

It’s that era of digital content where technology is not a mere aid to support eLearning but a

It’s that era of digital content where technology is not a mere aid to support eLearning but a major contributor in delivering a solid output. Advanced technology is no more a catalyst but an active participant in the process of creating quality eLearning courses. Immersive learning in corporate training is one such impactful training method that has numerous benefits which we will discover as we progress through this article.

What is immersive learning?

Imagine a simulation in which you are immersed in a hyper-stressful situation. Here, you are unable to decide what action to take next.

Experience can teach you everything right from adapting to situations to problem-solving. When we say, immersive learning has the power to create change in the organization, we mean immersive learning is capable of creating a revolutionary change in the way corporate training is delivered.

According to Gartner, ‘Immersive learning environments (ILEs) are learning situations that are constructed using a variety of techniques and software tools, including game-based learning, simulation-based learning, and virtual 3D environments. In other words, ILEs are distinguished from other learning methods by their ability to simulate realistic scenarios and environments that allow learners to practice skills and interact with other learners’.

The immersive learning environment is an artificial setup in which an individual learns through experience. It submerges learners and gives a highly sensory-based experience that stimulates better learning and has higher knowledge retention value.

Simulated Interactive Environment + Virtual Reality = Immersive Learning

Why is immersive learning important for corporate training? 

Immersive learning plays a key role in delivering effective corporate training.

Forgetting Curve, a phenomenon proposed by a German psychologist states that ‘knowledge is lost through time and there is no chance to retain it.’

Immersive learning is experience-based learning. In other words, it possesses a higher recall value than that of traditional learning. Within the corporate sector, various domains require prior knowledge before starting off. Therefore, the importance of immersive learning in corporate training is colossal, as it helps in getting the prerequisites in place.

Let’s take an example here. To provide training in the pharmaceutical sector, immersive learning can absorb employees in the artificial set up of a laboratory and inculcate the importance of compliance while preparing drugs. Immersive learning directly aids with generating more revenue.

Though immersive learning may not exactly look cost-effective, it is directly related to revenue generation. Immersive learning is a long-term investment that increases employee productivity, raises competitive advantage, increases the number of clients, and in turn, generates revenue for the company.

Let’s take a look at why immersive learning is important in the corporate sector.

  • Hands-On Tool Experience

The corporate sector thrives on various complex applications, tools, and software. Therefore, an eLearning course alone cannot help retain all the information when it comes to implementing the knowledge gained. It is important to complement theoretical information coupled with practical knowledge as well. Just telling your learners how to use a system isn’t as impactful as allowing them to dabble with it, in a safe, simulated environment. It definitely reduces their intimidation of using the tool for the first time.

Immersive learning in corporate training works best in training on complex applications, tools, automobile, and software. Imagine an employee immersed in an artificial setup and can actually have the experience to work on the tool.

  • In-Depth Understanding

Realistic set up has a great impact on learners. For instance, imagine a first-hand experience of working on an automobile machine in a simulated environment that feels real! Wouldn’t it give more clarity to understand the functionality of the entire mechanism of a machine/device before actually working on it? Plus, it will be less intimidating!

An immersive experience to understand organizational structure is a great way to bring learners closer to the organization. Above all, it increases their belongingness and productivity, in turn, generating improved revenues.

  • Exposure to Stressful Experiences

Immersive learning has tremendous advantages. For example, handling stressful situations. Mishaps, natural disasters, and accidents generate a need to understand how to handle pressure and take action in a stressful situation. To prepare for uncalled situations like these, immersive learning gives learners a simulated experience to understand the gravity of the situation and take decisions similar to ones they would take in a real-time scenario.

  • Importance of Compliance

Immersive learning can expose you to situations in which decision-making plays a crucial role. A simulated environment can make you understand the importance of compliance and how to maintain privacy and security in the workplace through its highly immersive environment.

Immersive learning plays a key role in safety training as well. For instance, it makes learners aware of the consequences of security and privacy breaches. A simulating and submerging experience can teach learners the repercussions and intensity of a security breach. Immersive learning trains employees on occupational hazards and how to handle them.

The key role of immersive learning in corporate training proves to be a boon as employees are duly submerged in ‘learning by doing’.

Besides advantages such as risk mitigation, increased productivity, sharper skill set, immersive learning delivers training with value and experience. Hence, corporate training must integrate immersive learning for a meaningful impact on the organization.

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