With new technological advancements happening every single day, the eLearning landscape is just not what it was even five years ago. Reports suggest that eLearning will be a $37.6 billion market by 2020. The biggest technological change was brought about mobile technology – that used smartphones and other hand-held devices for delivering interactive and engaging content. In the next wave, technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) may take eLearning to an entirely different level. These new technologies could dramatically change, and in many ways already are changing, the way learners are learning, consuming content in a more personalized and concise manner.

Technology Trends

The impact that technology has on everyday life is beyond dispute. It is influencing the way we communicate, work, socialize, and learn. In the eLearning game, technology is causing a paradigm shift in the way content has been delivered and consumed. These trends are enabling those creating eLearning to visualize new and innovative content and formulate solutions that blend modern technology with personalized learning experiences. Let’s look at 5 technologies that are sure to have a massive impact on eLearning:

  1. Microlearning

    In a world of millennials with short attention spans, the popularity of microlearning is already irrefutable. As learners become more and more finicky and demanding, they expect content to be short, relevant, contextualized, and specific. microlearning offers much value in the eLearning space with its small and context-based learning experiences that allow learners to learn from their own personal environment. Learners can be in control of what content they want to consume and how they want to learn it. By delivering just the right burst of information, microlearning helps learners quickly close a skill gap or meet a specific learning outcome and perform the task at hand with ease. Being learner-centric and easy to use, it is widely accepted and has a positive impact on learning outcomes.

  2. AI

    AI provides effective learning solutions for industries with dynamic learning needs. Since every individual processes content and learns from it in different ways and at different speeds, AI can help organizations curate content that fits the individual needs of learners –neither too fast (or too slow) and not too confusing at the same time. Organizations that need to update their courses on a continuous basis can benefit from AI. They can drive efforts in improving content at periodic intervals. eLearning solutions, when equipped with AI can automatically recognize the individual learner’s understanding of a concept and guide them to the next stage of learning depending on the current level of understanding – enabling everyone to absorb content at their own pace.

  3. AR/VR

    AR and Virtual Reality (VR) can make eLearning engaging and fun at the same time. According to a report, VR in education is predicted to be a $200 million industry by 2020. By bringing learning closer to the sensory world, AR/VR eLearning solutions provide learners with a hands-on experience, enabling them to feel and experience specific aspects of their daily jobs. This enables trainees to take part in simulations that imitate real-life conditions as opposed to learning in a traditional classroom environment with textbooks and PowerPoint presentations. Using AR/VR, companies can effectively train people across a variety of industries: for eg., flight crews can be trained on how to use cockpit equipment, shop floor workers can be trained on critical equipment, and new doctors can be trained on medical procedures. AR/VR make the learning process more realistic, interesting, engaging, and easier to grasp.

  4. Chatbots

    Chatbots interact with learners in a human-like manner and help in creating an interactive learning experience – similar to the one-to-one learning experience with a teacher in a classroom-based environment. They can be trained to provide basic knowledge, assign projects, respond to queries, analyze learner behavior, keep track of their understanding and progress, and aid in enhancing the skills of individual learners. What’s more, chatbots can also send regular reminders and notifications to learners and enable them to complete tasks and assignments in time. Since they can adapt to the speed of individual learners, they can initiate effective workplace interactions to boost employee collaboration and workplace productivity. Chatbots can serve as the perfect platform to drive learners in the right direction.

  5. Analytics

    As business and technology evolve, continuous learning is what will help organizations outpace rapid change. Analytics in eLearning can help boost the impact of learning in today’s digitally inclined world. by analyzing data about learners and unearthing actionable insights from individual interactions. Trainers can personalize content, refine learning modules, and improve the efficiency of eLearning programs. As learning gets distributed across several devices and locations, analytics can play a significant role in optimizing learning mechanisms. What’s more, analytics can also gather individual learner performance data and alert trainers in case any learner needs more attention.

Technology Drives eLearning Outcomes

Technology is causing a revolution in the eLearning industry. Although mobile has long been the leading light in the eLearning space, today, several modern technologies like microlearning, AI, AR/VR, chatbots, and analytics look set to become real game changers for the eLearning industry. With the capacity to greatly improve and personalize learning experiences, these technologies are what organizations must focus on to stay relevant in a rapidly changing business environment. Are you ready?

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