We just completed our eventful and memorable 5 year long journey. But we will rather call it a short history, because there are far bigger things to achieve in the years to come. Besides it still feels like yesterday. Starting out with a team of 3, we have achieved quite a few things to feel proud about –

  • A body of work that is superlative by all standards
  • Numerous happy clients and the invaluable relationship we share with them
  • Expansion of our client base in APAC region, US, UK and Europe
  • Rolling out of new initiatives in technology offerings including mLearning to help our client’s training and eLearning initiatives
  • A talented and dedicated team of over 50 who share the same passion as we do.

Last week was the time to actually celebrate and have the much deserved and awaited 5th anniversary party. The usual fun and frolic was a given but this year we also had a surprise for our team. We had a small Awards functions at the start to acknowledge the good work done by the various team members in the specific roles that they play. While choosing the winners was difficult from the various people who were nominated, it was also very pleasing to see the names of all the people who have been making a contribution to the overall success of the company. After all, a team with several extraordinary performers is any organization’s delight.

The award function was quick and to the point! No long speeches and sermons. Straight to the party!! And quite a party it was! It was a great unwinding session for the entire team and we now get back to work recharged and refreshed, determined to make the coming year a huge success again. Have a look at a few of the pictures of the eNyota Learning Facebook page till we update our website Events page as well.