Amidst the information overload such as social media and other digital content, keeping your content relevant and memorable is a tough nut to crack! Speaking specifically for eLearning or the digital learning space, courses taken on the go or at one’s convenience can be a long-lost memory in all the data consumed throughout the day. […]

Gartner’s Prophecy in 2012 Gartner challenged the then trending concept of gamification in 2012 and put out a rather controversial press release stating: ‘By 2014, 80% of current gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives primarily due to poor design.’ We associate gamification with interactivity and learner-engaging strategies. However, we need to put a […]

We are right in the middle of the year and most organizations are reviewing their company’s performance in the market, their budget utilization, conducting performance reviews, etc. While this takes center stage, quite often the one important component that is driving all the above is your employees and the training they’ve been receiving. Let us say […]

Over the past decade, 98% of small businesses have increased their use of eLearning. A majority of this increase in eLearning is owed to freely available learning management systems, authoring tools, and eLearning courses. Also, 72% of organizations say that online learning gives them an edge over their competitors. eLearning has been the new normal for […]

In the age of global development, growing competition, and rising start-ups, there is an increasing need for companies to introspect and create a transparent culture. In the recent years there is a notable shift towards outcome-oriented learning. Organizations across the globe have started to leverage training as a crucial means to approach issues related to […]

Off-the-Shelf eLearning courses are readymade and ready-to-purchase eLearning courses on a range of topics common to the training needs of most organizations. Frequently purchased types are compliance, onboarding, software usage, employee best practices, and skill building courses. Now, as an organization, is it really worth investing in off-the-shelf eLearning? And if it is, how much […]

Innovation is mandatory to survive in today’s highly competitive market. This is why an increasing number of companies are investing heavily in innovation. However, the success of a company depends on more than the ability to come up with great ideas. It is also about bringing these breakthrough solutions to the market in time. The […]

Sales teams are the backbones of all organizations.  While effective marketing and branding activities are about creating awareness, it’s the sales team that influences a customer’s final decision. Since the sales team is directly responsible for generating the revenue needed to sustain a business, the training they receive is critical and should deliver an impact. […]

Adding eLearning to your training is a great move! But are you fully ready? From defining the objectives of your eLearning program to understanding the types and tools, from deciding on a platform to choosing a content partner, from assimilating and presenting content to offering an intuitive UI – many factors must be considered. Most […]

Companies in the United States spent $93.6 billion on training in 2017. While we absorb this number, let’s see why training has become more than just an organization’s budget line item. The Deloitte 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report says that “executives identified building the organization of the future as the most important challenge for […]