Engaged learners are motivated, inspired, and willing to invest their personal time in learning and training. But the catch here is how do you make your eLearning courses highly engaging to motivate your learners? Companies invest huge amounts of money in creating or buying courses but due to lack of learner engagement, it may all […]

Of course, you know that blended learning, in essence, as a framework, drives a connection between various instructional methods. It is the amalgamation of a variety of modern learning needs and business expectations. Most commonly, a part of the learning takes place over digital or online media and then some more through instructor-led classroom sessions. […]

Training retail employees with eLearning as the go-to option is perfect because online stores have revolutionized the buying habits of customers and traditional training cannot fill this gap. The tussle between online stores and retail stores doesn’t seem to slow down. Although, customers still opt for retail stores for various reasons. This can be attributed […]

In a world where enterprises are battling high attrition, the importance of quickly training your team is clear. And although it might seem convenient to bring teams together for training, classroom sessions are often not viable. The sales, insurance, hospitality, and field services roles are all out on the road or dispersed across different locations. […]

Most organizations recognize the importance of great sales training. With this, they give their sales representatives the ammunition they need to navigate the competitive battlefield the market has become today. However, along with their in-house sales team, many organizations have a network of channel partners who contribute mightily to this sales process. And, how much […]

Benjamin Franklin very wisely said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Most organizations recognize the value of making investments in employee development. After all, employee development is directly related to employee productivity. A report from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) shows that organizations that offer comprehensive training programs achieve a 218% […]

The rise of the global economy has helped businesses expand their footprint. However, along with the benefits this brings, organizations have to navigate the challenge of managing their most valuable resource—their employees. HR departments are now tasked with creating positive workspaces and ensuring higher degrees of employee engagement. After all, research shows that an engaged […]

According to Forbes, the eLearning market is poised to grow to a whopping $325 billion by 2025. Whether you’re a large company or a startup, providing your employees with the best possible training to improve their productivity must be on your mind. Most agree that this is key to grow the business and remain competitive. […]

For large organizations with a distributed workforce, compliance training is a key focus area. This is necessary to ensure employees are educated on the laws, regulations, and policies that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities. Compliance training is essential for several reasons – to ensure compliance that drives better process adherence and performance, to avoid […]

eLearning content comes in different sizes and formats with endless combinations to suit the different needs of different organizations across diverse industries. When you are looking to implement an eLearning strategy in your organization, you will inevitably face the decision of either choosing a bunch of readymade courses or developing a custom eLearning program. So […]