The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. In fact, the global pharmaceutical market is projected to increase at a compound CAGR of 4-7% in 2018 and reach $1.3 trillion. That apart, this industry has a profound impact on human life and often attracts public and government attention. […]

eLearning based training is helping medical representatives and the pharma industry grow as a whole. Changing the product lifecycle all the way from early drug development to manufacturing and patient care requires the medical staff and representatives to be aware and well informed, and eLearning based training is helping here. New technologies and discoveries are […]

The pharma industry is one of the key contributors to the American economy and has a profound impact on the lives of all of us. Worth $934.8 billion in 2017, this sector is expected to touch $1170 billion in 2021, by some estimates, and pharma sales training should further drive this growth. Pharma has also […]

The word insurance originates from the old French verb ‘enseurer’. This literally translates to ‘assurance’, ‘pledge’ or ‘guarantee’. Over time, the insurance industry has had to become more sophisticated to address the differing needs of consumers, stay ahead of the competition, and define new products and solutions. The premise of this article is to outline […]

Today’s marketplace is incredibly competitive. It could even be said that more than your product offering, it is the quality of your customer service that will make or break your organization. According to a report, businesses lose as much as $41 billion each year just to poor customer service. The task is made more complex […]

A mobile sales team is often essential to meet sales targets. These sales pros not only make meaningful actions on-the-go but also always stay on top of fast-moving deals with the liberal use of real-time updates and dashboards. These road-warriors can enjoy working from anywhere and anytime while ensuring productivity – it’s easy to see […]

2017– 2018 has been a period marked by significant ups and downs in the pharma and healthcare industries. From marking the end of the Hepatitis-C treatment era, which was a significant contributor to the industry’s growth rate from 2014– 2016, to the greater impact of expiring patents and the introduction of Biosimilars, the year has […]

The eLearning industry has significantly grown in the recent years as a medium for training employees. eLearning hasn’t just enhanced the accessibility of training, but has also resolved the challenge of limited attention span in humans with its bite-sized training modules that are easy to digest. Pharma companies have incorporated numerous technologies to train their […]

A blended learning approach can be defined as a strategy that combines the personalized attention of traditional learning methods with the flexibility of digital methods. This approach emphasizes on improving the levels of learning achieved through face-to-face or online courses through blended instructions. When it comes to training your sales team, there are multiple aspects […]

Major stress points faced by an employee in an organization have a direct correlation with the work he/she must perform on the job. To counter the stress, training and counseling sessions of the employees can be conducted by the organization to improve their product knowledge that can help the employees perform on the job. Major […]