Gartner’s Prophecy in 2012 Gartner challenged the then trending concept of gamification in 2012 and put out a rather controversial press release stating: ‘By 2014, 80% of current gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives primarily due to poor design.’ We associate gamification with interactivity and learner-engaging strategies. However, we need to put a […]

Engaged learners are motivated, inspired, and willing to invest their personal time in learning and training. But the catch here is how do you make your eLearning courses highly engaging to motivate your learners? Companies invest huge amounts of money in creating or buying courses but due to lack of learner engagement, it may all […]

Of course, you know that blended learning, in essence, as a framework, drives a connection between various instructional methods. It is the amalgamation of a variety of modern learning needs and business expectations. Most commonly, a part of the learning takes place over digital or online media and then some more through instructor-led classroom sessions. […]

Has an eLearning course that has worked for you over the years aged? One way to know if that is the case is to ask yourself if your employees are unable to keep up with the pace of your industry? Is the course not delivering the impact it used to? Has the dynamics of your […]

We keep saying that Learning and Development departments are crucial to an organization’s success. We believe that they have the power to drive the winds of change for any firm. But how can the L&D function become truly strategic? Or, specifically, how can learning and development contribute to your business’s success story? Here are some […]

Compliance training tutors your employees on the laws or regulations relevant to their role or industry. These laws are predominantly in place to preserve the safety of the workplace and the well-being of the employee. Of course, compliance training is mandatory across most categories and hence there is a sharp focus on recording completion. Compliance […]

It’s that time of the year when everybody who is an HR manager starts planning their eLearning budgets for 2019. Most organizations today are focused on maximizing employee performance, and eLearning has risen in strategic importance to help them make optimal use of this most valuable asset. They turn to eLearning for the immense scope […]

What if we said that, more often than not, organizations are unable to capitalize on their huge talent pool because they focus on creating engagement rather than enablement?  Our point is, enabled employees are sure to be engaged employees.  These employees feel that they have a stake in the game and that what they do […]

Staying connected with learners after the completion of their eLearning courses is a challenge that most training and corporate companies are facing nowadays. Basically, learning doesn’t stop with the completion of these courses, and you do stand a chance to leave a long-lasting impression on your learners by keeping them engaged even after their courses […]

How often have you thought of engaging your online learners prior to the commencement of their eLearning course? Most trainers want to engage their learners before launching their training program for increased participation, better knowledge retention, establishing a personal connection, and ensuring a smooth learning experience for learners. Even though the learning takes place online, […]