It’s that era of digital content where technology is not a mere aid to support eLearning but a major contributor in delivering a solid output. Advanced technology is no more a catalyst but an active participant in the process of creating quality eLearning courses. Immersive learning in corporate training is one such impactful training method […]

In the age of global development, growing competition, and rising start-ups, there is an increasing need for companies to introspect and create a transparent culture. In the recent years there is a notable shift towards outcome-oriented learning. Organizations across the globe have started to leverage training as a crucial means to approach issues related to […]

“eLearning doesn’t just “happen”! It requires careful planning and implementation”. Anonymous According to the research report released by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., with a five-year compound annual growth rate of approximately 9.2%, the global eLearning Market is expected to reach $107 billion by 2015. Many reports like this and several other studies have confirmed that […]

Did you ever think what would a house look like without a blueprint in place? Yes, something similar would be the resulting eLearning course without a storyboard.

In this technology-savvy world, the learners use multiple devices to stay connected with the world, and simultaneously use their free time effectively by browsing information on their smartphones, iPads, etc. Now to live up to this multi-usage expectation, eLearning specialists have to design and deliver courses for multiple devices; courses that effectively work across different […]

73.6 percent of technology-delivered training at the Fortune 500 firms comes through online methods ( Out of the $200 billion Corporate Training industry, $56.2 billion is represented by eLearning (Global Industry Analysts). Online courses emerged in the 80’s and since then eLearning has been radically changing the training industry. While the eLearning industry is experiencing […]

It’s common these days for companies to have offices in multiple countries, and comforting to rely on tailored eLearning experiences that maintain the company’s missions and values, regardless of which side of the world their employees are on. However it can be overwhelmingly frustrating to develop a course with the intention of getting everyone on […]

An increasing number of organizations across the globe are relying more on online learning as an effective means to train their globally dispersed workforce. Every time it is not possible to have a great visual designer on board to create eLearning that are impactful. But you certainly do not need one if you can spend […]

Should mLearning be given the importance it seeks? Is mLearning a passing fad or a revolution in learning technology? Are mobile learning strategies just “me too” approaches or a long term vision? These were some questions that were widely debated in the eLearning community until sometime back. However, we are well past that phase now […]

In the fast-growing world of eLearning, it’s not just the technology that’s evolving, it’s also the learners that are taking these eLearning courses. It is soon becoming challenging to keep the learners engaged and responsive. While making courses interactive solves a part of this issue, it does not always probe the learner to think and […]