We all anticipated the launch of iPad 3 but probably we don’t need to spell out how limited we found the upgrades to be, considering Apple themselves couldn’t decide to give it a better name than the generic “The New iPad”. Not that we were over optimistic about Apple actually including the features we had in our wish list, as written in our previous post. But even then “The New iPad” was a tad disappointing for most, especially us in the eLearning industry. While Apple may be saying that the pre-orders were a sold out pretty soon, but for a larger section of people, it left much to be desired for.

Almost feels like a Dear Santa letter for the people who love all things Apple. While we love their products too, there is no denying that Apple’s insistence on doing things their own way has quite a lot of people tearing their hair out. We would all be a little happier if they allowed Flash or perhaps were a little more open in terms of how we work with their products.