Open Source Solutions - Moodle

We share as much love as you for open source. Hence, we at eNyota, provide Moodle solutions for our clients owing to its unmatched flexibility and customization options. Our Moodle experts assist in setting, deploying, and updating the Moodle learning management system as per the clients’ requirements, along with the development of compatible SCORM based courseware for Moodle.

There are hundreds of Moodle developers in the world that specialize in installing Moodle on legacy hosting servers. We are not one of them. Our sweet spot is combining open source with cloud-technology. We have tons of experience in providing hosting support around the Amazon AWS Cloud hosting. Are you looking to combine the best of open source and the cloud? We are the team for you! In addition to Moodle, we can also support Totara systems.

When it comes to Open Source solutions, we can offer the solutions listed here.

open source solutions moodle solutions
Custom Moodle LMS Solutions

When it comes to Open Source solutions, we can offer the solutions listed here.

  • Moodle consultation
  • Moodle setup and deployment
  • Moodle hosting and support
  • Moodle administration and course creation
  • Making Moodle scalable and cloud-ready