The “New iPad” or iPad 2.5?

We all anticipated the launch of iPad 3 but probably we don’t need to spell out how limited

We all anticipated the launch of iPad 3 but probably we don’t need to spell out how limited we found the upgrades to be, considering Apple themselves couldn’t decide to give it a better name than the generic “The New iPad”. Not that we were over-optimistic about Apple actually including the features we had in our wish list, as written in our previous post. But even then “The New iPad” was a tad disappointing for most, especially us in the eLearning industry. While Apple may be saying that the pre-orders were a sold out pretty soon, but for a larger section of people, it left much to be desired for.

Just a quick reiteration of the upgraded features:

  1. Retina Display – This is the most talked about feature The New iPad has and is being talked about as its USP. Its new high resolution (2048×1536) is four time times greater than the iPad2 and has about a million more pixels than the HD TVs in the market. That’s impressive for sure.
  2. Internet Connectivity – Apple offers 4G and wi-fi in the latest iPad. It definitely speeds up the process as compared to its predecessors but this may not work in some countries (e.g Australia) as they are not compatible with the existing 4G networks of these countries and will default to 3G.
  3. Improved Camera – The 5 mega pixel camera, introduced at the back, is a great improvement with its ability to take print quality pictures and recording high definition videos.
  4. Voice Dictation – Let’s not get confused with Siri. Voice dictation is a pretty plane Jane microphone which lets you dictate your email and other notes. Surprising for quite a few people that Apple gave Siri a miss in The New iPad.

So the retina display is probably the most important feature that The New iPad currently boasts of and it sure is great, but unless you are someone whose usage is largely in terms of watching videos, images and playing video games, The New iPad will not add much to the experience you already get with an iPad2.

From the perspective of developing mLearning courses, more than the display, it is the way we play around with the content that defines the quality of a mLearning course. And the previous iPad 2 also gave good results in terms of display. The Retina display is not going to make any drastic change in the experience a learner will get. From a functionality related perspective, there are no changes really that will make the new iPad any different from the iPad 2 when it comes to viewing courses or developing courses for this device.

But we will keep the optimism alive. Maybe Apple is lining some really big changes in the next version. Considering Apple has not added a number to its name (“The New iPad” instead of “iPad 3”), we will still wait for our wishlist for iPad 3 to come true!

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