Dear Apple, Our Wish List for the iPad 3 is…

Almost feels like a Dear Santa letter for the people who love all things Apple. While we love

Almost feels like a Dear Santa letter for the people who love all things Apple. While we love their products too, there is no denying that Apple’s insistence on doing things their own way has quite a lot of people tearing their hair out. We would all be a little happier if they allowed Flash or perhaps were a little more open in terms of how we work with their products.

With Apple all set to launch its new iPad3 next month, we wonder what Apple might add to its already great (and largest selling) tablet iPad 2. Expectations from Apple have always been huge with technologists expecting something that will blow them away. How far Apple can continue with that? The announcement of iPhone 4S did create quite a stir thanks to a smart and witty assistant, SIRI but for the knowledgeable it was nothing more than a couple of upgrades from iPhone 4. There is huge anticipation for the iPad3 from all enthusiasts, tech writers and the industry as a whole. Will this one be an iPad4S or a massive upgrade and further increase what has become the benchmark for tablets?

Now, here are some of the must-see goodies which we definitely expect to see in the iPad 3 and will be disappointed or surprised if we don’t see it.

  1. iPad with Siri: We all loved Siri on our iPhones. Don’t think it would take much for Apple to let us have her on iPad 3 as well.
  2. Take better quality pictures with iPad 3: In this world of megapixels, a VGA front camera and really doesn’t excite us. So a better camera is both due and expected.
  3. More memory: It was something that Apple gave a miss when iPad 2 was being launched and competitors like Xoom and HP Touch Pad were already offering 1GB RAM. Guess they would make the amends this time around.
  4. Retina quality display: We already read enough about Apple improvising further on the resolution. It is likely to come out with 2048×1536 HD displays.
  5. iPad mini: Now we are not exactly sure of how many people would be happy to have a smaller iPad, but rumors about Apple going ahead with a line extension are quite ripe.

So now here is our real wish-list for the iPad3 (things that we will be pleasantly surprised with if we see it on the iPad):

  1. iPad with a built in app similar MS office and Polaris for Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Presentations: We know Apple didn’t make iPads for something more than consumption but we already have apps being used by people to make small edits to presentations or create a basic Word document, so why not have in-built support and give your users a more seamless experience. I know they are third party apps for this but if Apple can work on an authoring tool for creating eBooks, then I think office applications will have a much broader appeal.
  2. An USB port: The device is ours but we cannot store anything on it directly. A file manager with USB support would be a great option for transferring content when the Wi-Fi doesn’t work and in other parts of the world where net connectivity is not as accessible.
  3. Support for multiple users: iPads unlike mobile phones, haven’t yet become a personal device. So it would be great if there   were settings for multiple users like mails, profiles where one could just log in and log out rather than reset the entire thing.
  4. Configure auto-play of audio and video from the browser: We do get that Apple wants to prevent websites and browsers downloading audio/video files automatically while users are on paid data plans. But that should be left up to the user to configure. How about an option within the Browser to configure if audio files can run automatically? The eLearning industry would be thrilled to bits with this. Right now, the options for eLearning course with audio running on the iPad are rather limited.
  5. Support all video formats: Ok let’s drop the discretion, we meant Flash. As much as we know that this is may be too much to ask (just because it is Apple), imagine what a real shocker this announcement would be. But definitely great news for many, especially us in the eLearning industry. Already there are 3rd party applications like iSwifter which effectively allow Flash websites (in a roundabout way) run on the iPad. So if Apple allowed an application (given their rigorous screening process) that allows Flash to run and they approved the app, it suggests that Flash is not really ‘untouchable’.

Will we jump for joy (with the must-see goodies) or be shell shocked (with our wish-list items)? Apple’s customers and fans have been the most loyal and driving up the sales to record heights. We have to be on the ‘nice-list’!! Can’t wait for March 7th!

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